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Travel Thoughts for Aries

I found it interesting as I was creating my list of client birthdays and signs that, compared to other signs, there are a LOT of Aries on my list. Since I mainly keep track of lead client info (those of you who are the ones to reach out to me about travel), this means that Aries are take-charge people who plan adventures, and then bring others with them!

As you probably know, Aries are trailblazers. They're smart, and always have multiple projects (or vacations) on their minds. They think about something and do everything to make it happen, and have definite ideas about where they want to go - in life or in the world. They value adventure, great service, and resorts that deliver on what they promise.

Aries should love:

1) St. Lucia - Home to the majestic Piton mountains, St. Lucia is a lush island, ripe for adventure. Spend your days snorkeling, hiking, jumping in waterfalls, taking mud baths near a volcano, or simply admiring the views, which are amazing from all angles. There are so many amazing unique properties on this island that it's hard to narrow it down. But because I'm limiting myself to a maximum of two, I'll tell you that Ladera's plunge pool suites with Piton views are incredible. And if you want the beachfront resort that's nestled between the Pitons, check out Sugar Beach Resort.

2) Grenada - Another lush island, Grenada has a little something for everyone. Explore the rainforest, relax on the beach, tour a rum distillery, or take a day trip to island-hop in the neighboring Grenadine islands. Resorts here are wide-ranging as well, from name brand all-inclusives like Sandals to boutique resorts like Prince Charles's favorite Spice Island Beach Club and the new Silversands.

I'm fortunate to have visited both of these amazing islands, and the photos shown are my own - not the glossy photos distributed by the tourism boards. This is truly how beautiful they are!

How did I do? Do you want to check out these destinations and resorts this year?

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