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A Visit to Blue Waters Resort & Spa, Antigua

My first trip to Antigua was my own honeymoon, in May 2004. My husband and I stayed at a budget all-inclusive that was amazing for us at the time, but is not somewhere I would suggest for clients today (and it's closed now anyway). But I fell in love with the island - the gorgeous waters, the friendly people, and the ability to venture outside the resort and explore.

I was honored to be invited back, exactly 18 years to the week, as a guest of the Antigua and Barbuda Tourist Board, to visit some amazing resorts and see what the island is like today. I'm thrilled to report that I'm still in love with this destination, and I'm even better-prepared to recommend resorts that meet any client's needs - luxury or not, all-inclusive or not, adults-only or family-friendly, and more.

My home for the first two nights was Blue Waters Resort & Spa, located on the northern coast of the island. This family-owned resort is one I'd classify as versatile, meaning that it can be anything for anyone. It's family-friendly, but not family-focused, so you can take your kids, but you are not surrounded by other people's kids. It's not a true all-inclusive resort, but you can opt for an all-inclusive package if you like that convenience. There are standard hotel rooms, suites (I visited the exact one where Prince Harry stayed in 2016), private villas, and a stunning gated five-bedroom compound called the Rock Cottage, where I actually stayed!

While the Rock Cottage may not be what everyone needs on vacation, It's worth an introduction. Built on a peninsula of rocks extending into the ocean, I call it a compound because it's so private, but it's a five-bedroom villa comprised of two pools, a kitchen, outdoor living space, stunning 360-degree views, and a swimming platform if you're too tired to walk five minutes to the beach for a swim. My suite was two stories, with a bedroom on the second floor and a gigantic bathroom on the first floor. Every night after touring resorts, I immediately jumped in one of the two pools, read my book, and prepared for the next day.

Blue Waters boasts multiple pools, two beaches, and some fantastic restaurants. I was sad to leave my home here (can you see why?), but I know I'll be back.

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