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Oahu, Hawaii

Meet Rachel Jarabeck

I fell in love with travel at an early age, and I've been trying to "see it all" ever since. Every destination that is checked off the list is immediately replaced by something new.


I enjoy researching new destinations and trying to find the perfect location for anyone looking to travel. While tropical destinations like the Caribbean and Hawaii are my passion, I have traveled extensively in the US and Europe, and I can help you travel anywhere!


My love for the Caribbean began during spring break in college. While the accommodations in Nassau weren't great (or even good, or decent...) I felt a connection with the region, and I have enjoyed exploring more destinations. My favorites so far? The Grenadines and Anguilla are tied for first, with Antigua as a close second. ​


A graduate of Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania, I have worked in marketing and communications for corporations, nonprofits, and associations. In addition to owning Coconut Custom Travel, I currently work for an association management company, managing the communications efforts of association clients, and planning conferences. I live in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania with my favorite travel companions: my husband and my 16-year-old son.

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