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Why book with Coconut Custom Travel?

It costs you the same (or less) to work with me as is does to book directly online.

I am your advocate before, during, and after your trip.
You are supporting a small, local business.

What should you expect?

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Step 2: Research and Proposal

Based on your feedback and my knowledge of your chosen destination, I will research options for you and prepare a proposal that allows you to see what is available.

Step 3: Customization

Once you’ve selected a destination and a property, we’ll focus on smaller details: type of room, adding ground transfers, choosing excursions or spa appointments, adding travel insurance, and anything else you wish to add at this stage.

Step 4: Deposit and Additional Payments

When your trip looks the way you want it to look, I’ll collect a deposit, securing your room, flights, and anything else you have added. Final payments are usually due approximately 45 days prior to travel, and I’m happy to apply additional payments along the way.

Step 5: Preparation

After your final payment is made, while you’re planning what to do on your trip and shopping for new clothes, I’m preparing travel tips for you, alerting my resort contacts know of your arrival, and doing what I can to ensure your trip goes smoothly.

Step 6: Issues and Emergencies

Nobody likes to think about things going wrong before or during vacation, but it can happen. I have had clients miss connections due to snow. I have had clients who were unhappy at a resort. I have had clients cancel or postpone because of a worldwide pandemic. This is when it matters most to have a partner who can take the time to advocate for you when you can’t.

Step 7: The Recap

I want to hear about your experience. What you thought of your hotel, your room, your excursions, and more. This feedback allows me to help you plan future trips, and it helps other travelers who may be considering the same property.

Step 1: Conversation

We will discuss your previous travel experience, what's important to you in a destination and accommodations, and what your intended budget is. I'll ask questions to help me get some initial ideas of what might work best for you.

Let’s talk about fees.

One question that I often receive is how I get paid. I am mostly paid via commission from the hotel or travel supplier I use to book. If you book a $5,000 hotel stay through the hotel’s website, they keep the full $5,000. If you book that same $5,000 trip with me, the hotel pays me a commission. Your price is the same, but the service you receive is very different!


I do charge a small research and planning fee, as well as change and cancellation fees to compensate me for the time I spend on your trip. In addition, island-hopping or complicated trips or last-minute bookings may incur additional fees.


Ready to book a getaway?

Let's discuss your next vacation.

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