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Happy birthday to the water-loving Pisces!

Continuing with my zodiac-themed travel recommendations, we wish a happy birthday to the fish among us. Pisces are sensitive, and need time to get away from the crowds. They thrive when they are able to explore, create, and take in their surroundings. For them, my suggestions focus on places off the beaten path, where they can truly escape and take in the natural world around them.

Pisces should love:

The Grenadines - this island chain (part of St. Vincent and the Grenadines) lies south of St. Lucia, north of Grenada, and east of Barbados. It can be reached from any of those countries and getting to these remote islands is part of the adventure. A perfect day in the Grenadines can mean hopping on a water taxi to snorkle with sea turtles, explore uninhabited islands, or to simply relax with a drink and a book in the sand. My favorites are the private island resorts of Palm Island Resort and Petit St. Vincent. I took the photo below when visiting Palm Island.

2) Dominica - Dominica is an island where you can surround yourself with nature. It offers spectacular lush and varied flora and fauna, protected by an extensive natural park system. The most mountainous island of the Lesser Antilles, its volcanic peaks are cones of lava craters and include Boiling Lake, the second-largest thermally active lake in the world. My favorite resort on the island is Secret Bay, a boutique eco-friendly luxury property with amazing views. This resort was made for social distancing before social distancing was a thing!

3) I thought about extolling the virtues of a western US escape, like The Lodge at Blue Sky, but then I remembered that Pisces are water babies, so I won't even bother. Here's another Grenadines photo I took. There's just something about a bar that is ONLY accessible by boat!

Happiest of birthdays to my Pisces clients!

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