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Happy Birthday to the Capricorns!

Something I thought would be fun this year is to break down each zodiac sign's travel personality, and provide my own destination and property recommendations for each sign's personality. As a Capricorn myself, this month is easy!

Capricorns are smart, hardworking, and ambitious. We set our minds to something (like taking a great vacation) and we make sure it happens! We tend to love planning our vacations with agendas (mine are organized by thirds of each day) and we have high expectations for our hotels. A great hotel, with outstanding service, is a must.

Capricorns should love:

1) Anguilla - this island embodies laid-back excellence, but getting there requires some planning. Fly to St. Maarten, and then board a ferry or puddle-jumper plane to reach this tiny island. Once you arrive though, you can throw your agenda out the window... if you can. The island has no all-inclusive resorts, and only a few luxury chain resorts. You really can't go wrong at any hotel on the island, but my personal favorite has to be Belmond Cap Juluca.

2) Antigua - Antigua is a beach-lover's paradise, with 365 beaches, one for every day of the year. There is a lot to do here, on and off the water. Good Capricorns will know that the island has a lot of history, and that the Sunday night party at Shirley Heights is a must-do. Resorts range from family-friendly all-inclusives to the most luxurious of resorts. I have a lot of resorts I like here, but Blue Waters has always felt like a special place to me. In addition, Hammock Cove just opened and I can't wait to check it out - look at those plunge pools in every room!

3) Disney World - Some people detest the planning that goes into a Disney vacation, but a good Capricorn will embrace the details and work hard to plan a seamless and action-packed experience. My two favorite Disney resorts are Animal Kingdom Lodge, and the Beach Club. The personality of Animal Kingdom Lodge is amazing, and the Beach Club has the best pool on property, coupled with easy entrance to Epcot for great dining!

What do you think Capricorns? How did I do?

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